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Hydronic Pool Heating

At HPH we pride ourselves on working with clients and pool builders to help realise the dream of a warm pool at minimal cost to your pocket and the environment.

With our unique hydronic pool heating system, you’re able to keep your pool warm all year round and reduce your cost of doing so by up to 30%.

Traditional pool heating techniques are becoming obsolete. Solar pool rubber is constantly exposed to the elements on your roof including UV, frost, vermin, and birds that peck at and break the rubber over time. This then requires costly maintenance or replacement.

Unlike some heating solutions, Hydronic Pool Heating works seamlessly all year round, is not exposed to the elements and keeps your pool warm for a fraction of the price.

About Us

Director Christopher Fitzpatrick from Melbourne has over 35 years experience in hydronic heating. About 20 years ago he started developing a super efficient multi powered pool heating system.  With the use of integrated hydronic pool radiators it is now possible to heat a pool for free with zero emissions.

Why HPH? With the evolution of solar panels, your roof space is limited for traditional pool heating methods. However, by using HPH pool radiators, you can now utilise your roof space for solar panels, whilst also maintaining a warm pool.


Our Process



Reach out to learn how we can help facilitate your pool build with the most effective heating method on the market. We offer free quotes so use the form below to get in touch with us today.



We have trusted connections with builders in your local area and will work closely with the team to provide you with the perfect pool heating system.



Once your new pool is designed and the quoted price agreed upon, your builder will start the installation of your new pool and the hydronic heating system to keep it warm.

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* HPH highly recommends using a pool cover when the ambient temperature is less than the pool temperature. *